Saint Thomas Hickman Hospital

You have two options when coming to Centerville from Nashville: (#1) Is Highway 100 and the other is (#2) Interstate 40. I-40 is typically a little faster and Hwy.100 is more scenic.

Associates are asked to park in either the back of the Hospital and Nursing Home area or in the parking spaces toward the Rural Health Clinic.

Option (#1) Highway 100
Turn Right onto Harding Road in front of Saint Thomas West Hospital and follow Harding as this becomes Highway 100. Stay on Highway 100 West and veer Left at the junction of Highway 100 and Highway 70 in Belle Meade. Continue on Highway 100 through Fairview…you will come to a 4-way stop... Continue straight on Hwy. 100 to Centerville.

Option (#2) Interstate 40
Take Interstate 40 West toward Memphis until you come to EXIT 172 (Dickson Exit) as this is next to Cracker Barrel. Turn to your Left at the red light and follow on Hwy. 46 until you come to the 4-way stop at intersection of Highway 100. Turn Right at the 4-way stop as you are now on Highway 100.

* Both routes will bring you to this point at the junction of Highway 100 and Hwy. 46 *

Continue straight on Hwy. 100 (This is the junction of Hwy. 46 which goes to Dickson and Hwy. 7 which goes to Columbia).

Continue on Hwy. 100 for approximately 16 miles.

You will cross a 4-lane bridge over the Duck River.

Proceed on as you will see the Centerville Church of Christ building/campus on your Left.

The Post Office will be on your Right as is the Town Crier/Hallmark Gift Shop.

Across from the Town Crier you will Turn to your Left onto Swan Street.

Follow Swan Street passing Tulipwood Apartments (5-story bldg.) on the right.

Veer to your Left at the next entry/street as this will bring you into the parking lot area as the Clinic Pharmacy and Physician’s Clinic is on the right.

Proceed into the parking lot and you can enter the Hospital through the front double doors under the canopy. This opens into the Business Office/Information area to your right.

Total mileage from Saint Thomas West Hospital area is approximately 55 miles.

Saint Thomas Hickman Hospital
135 East Swan Street
Centerville, TN. 37033

If you have any difficulty along the way please call the Hospital at (931) 729-4271